Asunto :   *Sport rate:Cartagena and Barranquilla ,best rate to you.
From :   Candy <>
Date :   13 May 2016 11:33:00 +0800
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Good day to you.

Now we have a best best rate from China port  to Cartagena and Barranquilla:

POL:Foshan: 2250/2850/2850  per 20gp/40gp/40hc

       Chiwan: usd2100/2650   per 20gp/40gp/40hc

       DACHANWAN: usd2000/2650   per 20gp/40gp/40hc

       Gaoming: usd2150/2650   per 20gp/40gp/40hc

        Huangpu: usd2000/2550   per 20gp/40gp/40hc


POL:Foshan: 2250/2850  per 20gp/40gp/40hc

        Chiwan: USD2150/2750   per 20gp/40gp/40hc

        Yantian: USD2150/2650    per 20gp/40gp/40hc

        DACHANWAN: USD2100/2650    per 20gp/40gp/40hc

        Huangpu: USD2000/2650   per 20gp/40gp/40hc



FREE DAY:21days

Validaity:Till to May 31th.

If you want that,pl contact me asap,we have many space on hand now ,it is ugent.

Any question,pl contact me in any time.

Waitting your earlier soon,many thanks.

Best regards.